Understand the five most critical steps to successfully load test your software

In this webinar recording, Paola Rossaro Ph.D., Nouvola co-founder and CTO, will discuss the five most critical steps to successfully load test your software and push high performing applications out the door. She will explain how-to-start with establishing a baseline performance has become far more critical for every site and brand than ever before. She will explain in depth what you should be testing, when you should be testing it and why you should be testing it.

The only way to accurately predict software behavior is to load test your applications end-to-end. Measure response time from the end-user perspective and fix any performance issues before going to production.

Who should watch? 

Anyone who wants to start delivering high-performing applications. Anybody interested in developing a better understanding of load testing and performance testing for websites, web applications, mobile and API.

What will you learn? 

  • How to start load testing and performance testing your site
  • The top five things you need to do
  • How to create an effective performance baseline
  • How to ensure that every software push to production is successful

Download the recording today to get started on performance testing your software, website or app, and deploy high performing applications consistently and successfully.