Performance issues abound during the holidays. But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Those issues can easily be prevented with proper testing.October_Webinar_Label.png

Performance failures are not what companies have in mind for the holidays. In reality, they often underestimate the impact large traffic surges would have on overall performance, or make some last minute software changes that have unintended consequences, or just experience a lot more online traffic than anticipated. In any case, it seems that not all retailers have mastered the dynamics of speed, scale and resilience.  But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Such performance blunders can easily be prevented with proper testing.

Get this webinar replay, Holiday Countdown: Five things to do now to get your ecommerce site ready, with Paola Rossaro Ph.D., Nouvola co-founder and CTO.  Paola will cover best practices to successfully prepare for a peak of traffic, establish a baseline, measure the right things and define a minimum set of tests to ensure success.

Who should get the replay? 

Anyone who is in charge of ecommerce sites speed, responsiveness, reliability and predictability. Anybody who wants to ensure successful and predictable revenue streams and conversion rates during the holiday season. Anybody who is concerned about crashes or slowdowns during the holidays peak traffic, and the impact to revenue and brand loyalty.

What will you learn? 
  • Time = money. The criticality of performance for ecommerce sites
  • The five things to do now to get ready for the holiday peak
  • The one set of users everyone overlooks
  • How to measure and what to measure - the right performance metrics for ecommerce

Get the replay today to get ready for Cyber Friday, optimize your site and maximize your revenue!