I want to adopt DevOps, are my tools holding me back?


DevOps is a crucial component of modern development and a critical element to enable faster response to market dynamics.  How does performance testing fit in the picture? Find out how to best integrate performance testing with your DevOps flow, and deploy with confidence.

In this webinar recording, Performance Testing for DevOps, Paola Rossaro Ph.D., Nouvola co-founder and CTO, will unravel the mystery of DevOps  for software organizations today. Paola will explain how to successfully integrate performance testing into your DevOps flow, enable a continuous testing culture in your organization and ensure a seamless path from code change to production. 

Who should watch? 

Anyone who 's interested in adopting (or has recently adopted) continuous integration, continuous delivery and DevOps development models. Anybody that wants to develop a better understanding of tools stacks for DevOps models, and continuous performance testing. 

What will you learn? 

  • The key pillars of DevOps
  • How you can make DevOps happen in your organization
  • Performance Testing in a DevOps model
  • The criticality of continuous testing
  • How to ensure a seamless flow from code change to production

Download the recording today to break down the complexities of these concepts and prepare yourself to successfully integrate continuous performance testing and DevOps in your organization.