Have you reached your application limit?

In this webinar recording, Paola Rossaro Ph.D., Nouvola co-founder and CTO, will show you how to create a variety of workload models, which include transactions and scenarios matching profiles and patterns of real usage. The webinar will include basic and advanced recording for web, mobile and API, and modeling complex traffic by combining multiple scenarios. Paola will also explain why simple load testing is not enough, and will reveal how you can create complex real-world performance tests in mere minutes.

Suddenly, your application is running slow, or even worse, it crashes because of too much traffic. Even before the fire-drill is over, it’s time to take a closer look at your testing. You need your performance tests mirror  real world traffic as closely as possible. 

Who should watch? 

Anyone who wants to become proficient in performance testing and deliver high-performing applications. Anybody interested in developing a better understanding of load testing and performance testing for websites, web applications, mobile and API.

What will you learn? 

  • How to create complex real-world performance tests in mere minutes
  • How to record your user transactions or APIs and convert them into tests
  • How to set custom performance thresholds and get alerted instantly – before you even glance at the graphs and charts
  • The case for think time: Humanizing your virtual users and simulating real-world user load with realistic delays

Download the recording today to become proficient on performance testing your software, website or app, and deploy high performing applications consistently and successfully.