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Slow page load times aren't just annoying. They have a major impact on your business and may be the factor determining the success or failure of your marketing campaigns. This webinar explores the tight connection between business metrics such as conversion rates, bounce rates, online revenue, brand loyalty, and web performance metrics. It also illustrates a number of relevant use cases illustrating the business value of performance.

Watch the Nouvola webinar replay, "Gone in Three Seconds: the Real Cost of Bad Performance" to get a deeper understanding of the business value of web performance, and learn how mere seconds could impact company brand, reputation, loyalty and ultimately, revenue.

Who should watch? 

Anyone who's interested in a deeper understanding of the business value of web performance. Anybody that is responsible for conversion rates, retention and brand loyalty, from retail to SaaS vendors. Anybody that wants to have clear data linking web performance to business metrics.

What will you learn? 

  • The need for lightning fast web experiences
  • Why web performance impacts conversion rates and brand loyalty
  • Every second counts - why web performance is more important than ever
  • How response time drives metrics in ecommerce and other verticals
  • Common performance problems and how to address them

Get the Nouvola webinar replay to learn how the performance of your web site or web application impacts relevant business metrics, and achieve peace of mind knowing that your software is ready for prime time.