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Container-based virtualization and microservices architectures have become the ideal setting for developing a continuous performance testing pipeline.  As companies shift to these technologies, performance engineers play a key role to ensure a successful transition.

For  this webinar, we have teamed up with performance testing expert Melvin Laguren, founder of QA Dashboard, to deliver a case study on performance testing of a containerized application.   Melvin will share his hands-on experience on performance testing a completely containerized microservices platform in our webinar, “The role of Performance Testing in a Containerized World".

Who should watch? 

Anyone who's interested in adopting (or has recently adopted) containers or microservices architectures.  Anybody that wants to develop a better understanding of tools stacks for containerized solutions, microservices and continuous performance testing. 

What will you learn? 

  • Fundamentals of performance testing for microservices and containerized architectures
  • How to design performance tests from the get-go
  • How you can leverage container technology in your performance testing environment
  • How to tie it all together as part of continuous integration
  • How to measure success

Register today to learn best practices for performance testing of containerized solutions, and get ready to successfully adopt performance testing as part of your continuous integration pipeline.