Take Control Of Your Site Performance & Boost Your Brand

According to Bain & Company, 28% of web users do not return to a company’s website if it does not perform sufficiently well, and 6% do not even go to the affiliated retail store anymore.

Your web presence is measured against every other website your customers have ever visited, EVER. You now have to compete with the Googles and Amazons of the world. Web users are becoming more sophisticated all the time, they expect a certain level of performance or they go somewhere else where they can get it.

In this webinar recording, Performance And Your Brand you'll discover how your brand is heavily impacted by the performance of your site and how you can take control to get ahead of the competition.

Take 30 minutes to hear Charles Higgins, VP of Marketing at Nouvola discuss:

  • Why performance is more than a metric in RUM
  • How increased site revenue is directly tied to performance
  • Offline purchases are directly impacted by online research
  • Why customer acquisition and loyalty are just as important online as off
  • How The performance of your company’s Web site can directly impact brand perception and loyalty
  • How performance testing can increase revenue and enhance customer loyalty both on-line and off

...And more!

Performance is no longer a luxury or something relegated to IT. It is an important part of your brand image, it permeates every keystroke your users make. Get it wrong and they are gone.

Download this webinar today to take control of your performance and boost your brand >>>