Understand the criticality of performance testing for today's applications

In this webinar, Paola Rossaro Ph.D., Nouvola co-founder and CTO, will discuss the importance of performance in today's ever-changing digital world. She will explain how performance has become far more critical for every site and brand than ever before. She will explain in depth what you should be testing, when you should be testing it and why you should be testing it.

Who should watch? 

Anyone with any technical accountability for the performance of your digital presence. And, perhaps more importantly, anyone with accountability for brand or user experience or executive oversight of the same. 

What will you learn? 

-Performance is no longer just an IT or technical issue. 
-What you should measure, when and why.
-How performance effects every aspect of your buyers experience. 
-Why the 'deploy and pray' methodology is no longer good enough.

Download the replay today to enhance your understanding of performance testing, and how it could drastically improve your application's success.